My Jalie Winter

Cold season is still here. Doesn’t sound fun for me. If there’s something to be happy about, that is being able to wear those nice Jalie clothes for cold and chilly seasons. I’m not gonna get tired of saying how happy I am to discover this amazing pattern company. No words can describe the wonderful feeling when I finish a garment which fits perfectly.

I actually own alot of Jalie Patterns but I will only tell you about few of them. I literally wear Jalie almost everyday. Let’s start with this pattern called Clara High Waisted Leggings which is also known as Jalie 3887. This pattern comes with 27 sizes including Girls, Women and Plus sizes. Clara Leggings  pattern is one of the sewing patterns in the 2018 collection. I Love to sew this pattern so much that I can’t even remember how many pairs I already made. I cannot stop making Clara Leggings. This pattern is so easy and quick to make.  They  are not the ordinary leggings you know from someone else’s pattern company. This pattern doesn’t have the center front vertical crotch seam. That makes it so special. Look how lovely the front is. I really can’t move on with how amazing this pattern is. Let me brag a little of my Clara Leggings.

First pair, I used Simply by Ti‘s Cotton Lycra Olive Green (I call it Army Green). I love her Solid Cotton Lycras. They are good to use for leggings. You will certainly see a lot of Simply by Ti‘s fabrics in this blog.



Here are the second pair of leggings. I made them not too long ago.


This Fabric is Cotton Lycra Eggplant. I usually wear these leggings with Yoko Square Roll Neck Top. Did you know that Yoko is a free  Jalie pattern?  Yes, it is totally free of charge. So, if you haven’t tried these amazing patterns yet, this is your chance to test this company. You will definitely love this one.

Another Simply By Ti‘ s Fabric. Orchid Cotton Lycra ( sadly, they stop carrying this pretty-color Cotton lycra), there’s my third Clara Leggings  with the floral Mimosa Scoopneck T-shirt Pattern.


Wearing the same orchid cotton lycra leggings with under armour purple Mimosa and  Quilted knit- Black on purple slippers that are included in Fleece Winter Accessories or also known as Jalie 2318; This  includes 15 sizes including Babies, Girls, Boys, Women, Men and Plus sizes. It is originally designed for polar fleece but since it is not super cold inside our house, I decided to use this purple quilted knit instead of the recommended fabric. It works really great. They are indeed soft and comfortable to wear.


Fifth pair of leggings using Black White Polka floral double brushed polyester. I always say that double brushed polyester fabric was made for  Leggings and I’m telling you, give me this material and the first pattern going to pop in my mind will be Clara.


That print of fabric is so sweet. Of course, from Simply By Ti!!

Sixth pair…. Burgundy Floral Double Brushed Poly !!!


Oh em gee!! Totally inlove! You can really tell how I adore this pattern, huh?

My love for Jalie doesn’t end there. I have more pairs of these leggings but I have another pattern to show you off. It’s Jalie 3355. This comes with sweatshirt, hoodie and sweat pants patterns. It includes 27 sizes; Girls, Boys, Women, Plus Sizes. This classic design will work for men, as well.  This is for the whole family and just on time for Polar Vortex Season. Yep, layering clothes it is! They will help to keep you warm specially in a very cold places like Chicago, Minnesota or New York. Luckily, I’m in New Mexico and I don’t need to layer clothes. I’m in a state where it is not as snowy/cold as Midwest and Northeast. So, Ponte knit is enough to keep this Asian momma warm. This White Aqua Dot Ponte is simple but cute, isn’t it? I also have leftover of Aqua Stripe Ponte knit and luckily, this fabric matches the color of my polka dot Ponte knit and Solid Cotton Lycra.

Here is Jalie 3355 is with Jalie 3887 .


I’m impressed with the perfect combination of my Mint Cotton Lycra leggings and Mint Polka Dot Ponte Knit!

I also made the sweatshirt option using my husband’s XL hockey Sweatshirt. It is too big for him now. As you  can see, fabric is still in excellent condition. I’m admiring its print, too!

Oh! Have I told you that my husband was a hockey player when he was young? Yes, he was. He lived in Canada and played there for few years. He was also in the list of New York Islanders draft picks but the goalie was really great at that time and unfortunately, he didn’t make it. Anyway, that is fine. He might not be my husband if he got famous hahahaha. Okay, going back to our topic, here is the sweatshirt I was talking about earlier. ( I am wearing my orchid cotton lycra Clara.)

Basically1.jpg So….. the salvage operation took place…..


And here is the finished product. Oh! Yeah! Surely, giving this sweatshirt  a makeover was so exciting. Again, this pattern didn’t disappoint me.


Talking of the same pattern, you already know that this comes with the sweatpants, right? I planned to sew those sweatpants next month but no….. “I need to sew them right now!”

Here are my sweatpants with Jalie 3131. I used Black French Terry for my Camisole or also known as Jalie 3131.



That’s it for now, fellas!  If I will write more about my Jalie projects, probably I need ten or more posts to summarize my Jalie life and frankly speaking, I will wear Jalie eight days a week if I can! ( Now I’m in the mood of singing..hahaha) !

I guess it is more practical for you to check out my makes at Sewing with Jalie Facebook Group than read a novel of my Jalie life .

Now, let’s talk about……… GIVEAWAYYYYYYYYYY! Yeah hhaaaww!!






Are there some Jalie patterns you’ve been itching to get? Now’s your chance to WIN YOUR JALIE WISHLIST! Head over to Jalie’s website, create an account, add your favorite patterns to your wishlist, and complete the rafflecopter form below (patterns must be added by February 12, 2019 11:59pm EST to be eligible). Incomplete entries will be eligible for fabric prizes only.

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20 thoughts on “My Jalie Winter

  1. Gorgeous! It’s great to see all the different colours you mad and what shirts you pair them with. I made my first pair of Clara leggings this weekend and I’m in love! I cut out another pair this morning and can’t wait to sew them up tonight after my kids are in bed.


  2. Great post! You’ve built an amazing wardrobe around a few basic patterns, following the theme of the blog tour, “basically Jalie”!


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