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My One-Yard-Purple-Quilted-Knit Projects

What a lovely cold day! It’s not even winter but the mountains over here start to turn pearly white. Such a nice day to sew that will keep me warm. I have a yard of quilted fabric, what will I do with small piece of material? Coat? No, I need three to four yards of fabric for that project.

Hmmn…. Today, I can say that I pushed myself further than what I expected. It is so challenging but what a fun stuff to do this once in a while. I usually use a yard of fabric to create an outfit. But this time, I made a bomber jacket and accessories. It took me a loooong time thinking how to cut this fabric and deciding what accessories to sew up. This lead me to step out of my comfort zone, but honestly, it’s worth it. The happiness is priceless! Let me share you my 1yard project journey.

This is 1yard quilted knit I ordered from Simply by TiQPF11.jpg Gorgeous purple color, isn’t it? Been searching around for purple quilted knit that I can use for my Amelia bomber jacket . How did I overlook  Simply By Ti‘s quilted knits?! Ugh! My bad! I’m glad I browsed the entire shop again and I found it!! Yyaaayy!!

I am certain , another quilted knit  project will come very soon. For now, here are my creations.

First project— Amelia bomber jacket. This pattern was made by the talented Danish designer, Christina Albeck. Her patterns are designed for 5ft 6inches women (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.) . This momma is only 5ft 3inches, so I cut the bodice about 3 inches shorter. I was a bit nervous sewing without even doing muslin. Good thing WBM patterns are professionaly drafted, my project is a successful one.

Alright, for this project, I used the following with my quilted knit fabric:  Simply By Ti’s eggplant cotton lycra for my lining (You can totally skip the lining if you want to. I need thick jacket for cold winter days, so I went ahead and made mine fully lined.), Black ribbed knit from my local thrift store and separating zippers from eBay.





Second project— Jalie 2318 from Jalie Patterns. This pattern was design for fleece fabric but I was brave enough to use different type of material. The fabric feels really comfortable. another successful trial. Look at my slippers.





Third project— Belt bag. This is a self-drafted bag  pattern. It took me about 4hours brainstorming on how to make the pattern pieces. It is lined using eggplant Cotton Lycra ( same fabric which I used for my bomber jacket; from SBT, too). I guess it is not that bad for my first belt bag. I probably need more of it in the near future.


Belt bag.jpg


Here is how I wear my quilted knit projects. FYI, I am wearing Simply By Ti in and out.

Purple Under Armour Wickaway Jersey for my Mimosa and Orchid cotton lycra (Sad to say, SBT doesn’t have this fabric anymore. Yep, there was a good deal last Black Friday. Oh! so sad! Good thing I ordered a lot of it.)  for my Clara leggings. Both are Jalie patterns.

Let’s forget about the “in”.  All I can share is the “out” part. hahahah!




I’m not gonna lie, this 1yard project made my nose bleed. My curiosity caused me this massive brain hemorrhage, but you know what, I learnt alot and I can say it is a great way to make my brain active. Let’s just say, I trained myself how to deal with such struggles and practice my patience skill.

Okay, so the question is.. What project will I make for my left over quilted knit? Well, I will let you know when Im done with my next project.

Thank you for taking your precious time reading.

Happy sewing, lovely people!


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