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Jalieful Season

It’s releasing time, folks! Jalie made it again! Just like last year, they released thirteen patterns  this time of the year. In 2019 collection, there are twelve new patterns made by Jalie and are now available for us to enjoy. What an exciting news, isn’t it? Let me show you those twelve amazing patterns.














Most of the patterns comes with girls up to women’s sizes/kids up to women/men’s sizes. Worth buying for.

For this collection, I chose to sew up few patterns and I am so proud to present to you, ladies and gentlemen, my Jalie projects. Here they are.

Michelle with Simone

They look so good together.

I used Simply by Ti‘s chambray fabric for Simone.


Tania with Simone

I won’t lie, the first time I tried Tania, I wasn’t sure if the collar should  be folded.


But I realized that I should wear it without the collar folded. Well, both styles look great, anyway. Wear it however you like it to.


Nikita and Cora

Nikita is such a lovely workout tank and swing dress pattern. I decided to make the workout tank version and I’m in love with the fun cut of it. I used Simply By Ti‘s Red medallion rayon spandex and orange and tomato cotton lycra.

The first time I sew its line drawing, I knew it will go perfectly  with leggings. I chose Cora to be with Nikita. Look how amazing they are.


I need to show you the side view of them.


And the back view, which is my favorite  Nikita feature. Oh! yeah! so cool !



This pattern is so easy to make. It’s a relaxed fit top that you can wear everyday.




Now, breathe deeply, close your eyes and think about of which patterns you will buy. I know it’s a tough decision to chose which one(s) you will get. They are all amazing! To make it easy for me, I will just buy all of them. Yes, that’s how I love this company. My life is Jalieful!!!

I hope you like them.  You may now grab your own copy to enjoy sewing. Check them out at Jalie website. I’m sure  once you use Jalie’s patterns , you will agree with me that these patterns are great!

That’s all folks! Happy sewing!






My Jalie Winter

Cold season is still here. Doesn’t sound fun for me. If there’s something to be happy about, that is being able to wear those nice Jalie clothes for cold and chilly seasons. I’m not gonna get tired of saying how happy I am to discover this amazing pattern company. No words can describe the wonderful feeling when I finish a garment which fits perfectly.

I actually own alot of Jalie Patterns but I will only tell you about few of them. I literally wear Jalie almost everyday. Let’s start with this pattern called Clara High Waisted Leggings which is also known as Jalie 3887. This pattern comes with 27 sizes including Girls, Women and Plus sizes. Clara Leggings  pattern is one of the sewing patterns in the 2018 collection. I Love to sew this pattern so much that I can’t even remember how many pairs I already made. I cannot stop making Clara Leggings. This pattern is so easy and quick to make.  They  are not the ordinary leggings you know from someone else’s pattern company. This pattern doesn’t have the center front vertical crotch seam. That makes it so special. Look how lovely the front is. I really can’t move on with how amazing this pattern is. Let me brag a little of my Clara Leggings.

First pair, I used Simply by Ti‘s Cotton Lycra Olive Green (I call it Army Green). I love her Solid Cotton Lycras. They are good to use for leggings. You will certainly see a lot of Simply by Ti‘s fabrics in this blog.



Here are the second pair of leggings. I made them not too long ago.


This Fabric is Cotton Lycra Eggplant. I usually wear these leggings with Yoko Square Roll Neck Top. Did you know that Yoko is a free  Jalie pattern?  Yes, it is totally free of charge. So, if you haven’t tried these amazing patterns yet, this is your chance to test this company. You will definitely love this one.

Another Simply By Ti‘ s Fabric. Orchid Cotton Lycra ( sadly, they stop carrying this pretty-color Cotton lycra), there’s my third Clara Leggings  with the floral Mimosa Scoopneck T-shirt Pattern.


Wearing the same orchid cotton lycra leggings with under armour purple Mimosa and  Quilted knit- Black on purple slippers that are included in Fleece Winter Accessories or also known as Jalie 2318; This  includes 15 sizes including Babies, Girls, Boys, Women, Men and Plus sizes. It is originally designed for polar fleece but since it is not super cold inside our house, I decided to use this purple quilted knit instead of the recommended fabric. It works really great. They are indeed soft and comfortable to wear.


Fifth pair of leggings using Black White Polka floral double brushed polyester. I always say that double brushed polyester fabric was made for  Leggings and I’m telling you, give me this material and the first pattern going to pop in my mind will be Clara.


That print of fabric is so sweet. Of course, from Simply By Ti!!

Sixth pair…. Burgundy Floral Double Brushed Poly !!!


Oh em gee!! Totally inlove! You can really tell how I adore this pattern, huh?

My love for Jalie doesn’t end there. I have more pairs of these leggings but I have another pattern to show you off. It’s Jalie 3355. This comes with sweatshirt, hoodie and sweat pants patterns. It includes 27 sizes; Girls, Boys, Women, Plus Sizes. This classic design will work for men, as well.  This is for the whole family and just on time for Polar Vortex Season. Yep, layering clothes it is! They will help to keep you warm specially in a very cold places like Chicago, Minnesota or New York. Luckily, I’m in New Mexico and I don’t need to layer clothes. I’m in a state where it is not as snowy/cold as Midwest and Northeast. So, Ponte knit is enough to keep this Asian momma warm. This White Aqua Dot Ponte is simple but cute, isn’t it? I also have leftover of Aqua Stripe Ponte knit and luckily, this fabric matches the color of my polka dot Ponte knit and Solid Cotton Lycra.

Here is Jalie 3355 is with Jalie 3887 .


I’m impressed with the perfect combination of my Mint Cotton Lycra leggings and Mint Polka Dot Ponte Knit!

I also made the sweatshirt option using my husband’s XL hockey Sweatshirt. It is too big for him now. As you  can see, fabric is still in excellent condition. I’m admiring its print, too!

Oh! Have I told you that my husband was a hockey player when he was young? Yes, he was. He lived in Canada and played there for few years. He was also in the list of New York Islanders draft picks but the goalie was really great at that time and unfortunately, he didn’t make it. Anyway, that is fine. He might not be my husband if he got famous hahahaha. Okay, going back to our topic, here is the sweatshirt I was talking about earlier. ( I am wearing my orchid cotton lycra Clara.)

Basically1.jpg So….. the salvage operation took place…..


And here is the finished product. Oh! Yeah! Surely, giving this sweatshirt  a makeover was so exciting. Again, this pattern didn’t disappoint me.


Talking of the same pattern, you already know that this comes with the sweatpants, right? I planned to sew those sweatpants next month but no….. “I need to sew them right now!”

Here are my sweatpants with Jalie 3131. I used Black French Terry for my Camisole or also known as Jalie 3131.



That’s it for now, fellas!  If I will write more about my Jalie projects, probably I need ten or more posts to summarize my Jalie life and frankly speaking, I will wear Jalie eight days a week if I can! ( Now I’m in the mood of singing..hahaha) !

I guess it is more practical for you to check out my makes at Sewing with Jalie Facebook Group than read a novel of my Jalie life .

Now, let’s talk about……… GIVEAWAYYYYYYYYYY! Yeah hhaaaww!!






Are there some Jalie patterns you’ve been itching to get? Now’s your chance to WIN YOUR JALIE WISHLIST! Head over to Jalie’s website, create an account, add your favorite patterns to your wishlist, and complete the rafflecopter form below (patterns must be added by February 12, 2019 11:59pm EST to be eligible). Incomplete entries will be eligible for fabric prizes only.

For extra entries, join our Jalie sewalong! Make a Jalie “basic” between January 28 and February 12 and share it on Instagram with hashtag #basicallyjalie and/or in the Basically Jalie Album in the Sewing with Jalie Facebook group.

We are so grateful to our generous sponsors who have teamed up to provide the following prizes (please stop by their shops and show them some love!):

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PatternReview.com – One (1) x $30 USD gift card
Discovery Trekking Outfitters – One (1) x 50 USD gift card

*must have a Jalie wishlist created by February 12, 2019 11:59pm EST to be eligible for pattern prize

(Note: gift cards exclude shipping unless otherwise stated on sponsor website)

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My One-Yard-Purple-Quilted-Knit Projects

What a lovely cold day! It’s not even winter but the mountains over here start to turn pearly white. Such a nice day to sew that will keep me warm. I have a yard of quilted fabric, what will I do with small piece of material? Coat? No, I need three to four yards of fabric for that project.

Hmmn…. Today, I can say that I pushed myself further than what I expected. It is so challenging but what a fun stuff to do this once in a while. I usually use a yard of fabric to create an outfit. But this time, I made a bomber jacket and accessories. It took me a loooong time thinking how to cut this fabric and deciding what accessories to sew up. This lead me to step out of my comfort zone, but honestly, it’s worth it. The happiness is priceless! Let me share you my 1yard project journey.

This is 1yard quilted knit I ordered from Simply by TiQPF11.jpg Gorgeous purple color, isn’t it? Been searching around for purple quilted knit that I can use for my Amelia bomber jacket . How did I overlook  Simply By Ti‘s quilted knits?! Ugh! My bad! I’m glad I browsed the entire shop again and I found it!! Yyaaayy!!

I am certain , another quilted knit  project will come very soon. For now, here are my creations.

First project— Amelia bomber jacket. This pattern was made by the talented Danish designer, Christina Albeck. Her patterns are designed for 5ft 6inches women (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.) . This momma is only 5ft 3inches, so I cut the bodice about 3 inches shorter. I was a bit nervous sewing without even doing muslin. Good thing WBM patterns are professionaly drafted, my project is a successful one.

Alright, for this project, I used the following with my quilted knit fabric:  Simply By Ti’s eggplant cotton lycra for my lining (You can totally skip the lining if you want to. I need thick jacket for cold winter days, so I went ahead and made mine fully lined.), Black ribbed knit from my local thrift store and separating zippers from eBay.





Second project— Jalie 2318 from Jalie Patterns. This pattern was design for fleece fabric but I was brave enough to use different type of material. The fabric feels really comfortable. another successful trial. Look at my slippers.





Third project— Belt bag. This is a self-drafted bag  pattern. It took me about 4hours brainstorming on how to make the pattern pieces. It is lined using eggplant Cotton Lycra ( same fabric which I used for my bomber jacket; from SBT, too). I guess it is not that bad for my first belt bag. I probably need more of it in the near future.


Belt bag.jpg


Here is how I wear my quilted knit projects. FYI, I am wearing Simply By Ti in and out.

Purple Under Armour Wickaway Jersey for my Mimosa and Orchid cotton lycra (Sad to say, SBT doesn’t have this fabric anymore. Yep, there was a good deal last Black Friday. Oh! so sad! Good thing I ordered a lot of it.)  for my Clara leggings. Both are Jalie patterns.

Let’s forget about the “in”.  All I can share is the “out” part. hahahah!




I’m not gonna lie, this 1yard project made my nose bleed. My curiosity caused me this massive brain hemorrhage, but you know what, I learnt alot and I can say it is a great way to make my brain active. Let’s just say, I trained myself how to deal with such struggles and practice my patience skill.

Okay, so the question is.. What project will I make for my left over quilted knit? Well, I will let you know when Im done with my next project.

Thank you for taking your precious time reading.

Happy sewing, lovely people!


Itch to Stitch Patterns · Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Sew Much Love for Tierras

Aww!!! It is September 21st. Happy Peach Day, lovely people!  I am so inspired about this celebration. Why? I am blogging for two companies,   Itch to Stitch and Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

This ITS Blog Tour 2018 is also sponsored by  generous fabric sellers. Here is the comlplete list of the sponsors. Just click their store logos below if you want to see what they are offering for all of us.

Okay, Since it is Peach Day today,  I thought of something that is connected to this celebration. Not only because this has something to do with the peach but it is also perfect  for this project. I am talking about my fabric. It is called Grey Peach Dusty Blue and Lavender Floral Rayon Challis, Flower Child by Maureen Cracknell Art Gallery, Flowery Chant in Subtle.  Yaay!! this medium weight challis will work excellently with my Tierras woven joggers pattern made by Kennis Wong.

Tierras Woven Joggers pattern is created by Itch to Stitch ; for us to enjoy our day doing at-home activities or even when running errands around town.  These tapered, pocketed bottoms will keep your chicness and comfort equally. They’re so easy to make. If you categorize yourself under beginner+, this is the perfect pattern for you to sew up. I understand that some of you hate to print and tape papers together. No problem! The Tierras Woven Joggers pattern now includes an additional large format file (size A0 paper) that you can send to your print shop to print! So, don’t think about the time you will consume in assembling this pattern pieces together.

Now, let’s go and talk about more of the pattern I am in love with.

Tierras Woven Joggers Feature:

  • Elastic and drawstring waist
  • Low rise and can be lengthened to suit your style (instructions included)
  • Deep and functional side pockets
  • Tapered leg for a slim look
  • Optional elastic hem
  • Layers feature (print only the sizes you need)
  • Sizes 00 – 20


For me, Tierras are  great not only for spring, summer or fall but I do think they will also do the job of keeping me warm at winter time as long as I use the right fabric.

Trying medium or heavy weight woven fabric? Why not? I might even try fleece for my Tierras on winter time. I love adventure and I will surely try those different weights/bases fabric, Im gonna rock them however I want to. If ever you tried other fabrics other than those I mentioned about, please let me know. Oh! Perhaps it’s better to share it in ITS facebook group. If you haven’t joined the group yet, well, what are you waiting for?

Going back to my project, here are the ways how I wear my light weight Tierras.

Wear them with black tank top.


Wear them with pink Largo.tierras4-1.jpgtierras5-1.jpg

You may also wear them like Capris.



It’s all up to you how you want to wear them. But one thing is for sure! You, lovely people, will certainly fall in love with this sewing pattern as well as the fabric I used.  Always remember,  Set your exploring mind free , Raspberry Creek Fabrics has tons of fabrics to offer for you. Just visit their site and find out, yourself.

That’s all folks! Oh! hold on.  If you’ve missed the other ITS bloggers,


Thank you so much for your precious time, reading.  I hope this post helped you.

Happy sewing, beautiful people!



Jalie Life

Oh! What a Jalie life! I know many of you are looking forward to Jalie’s new collection. Well, long wait is over! Yes, they are already here.. Yay! There are 14 sewing patterns  included in this collecion and I’m sure you will love them. May I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, the Jalie Patterns’ newest collection.



A versatile pattern that can be used as underwear, for swimtrunks and as leggings / thermal layer. Three length options: briefs (A), mid-thigh shorts (B) and long johns / leggings (C). It has two contoured pouch options (with opening or sleek front) and clever seam placement for fit and comfort.
FABRIC: Knit with stretch in the width AND length and good recovery
(cotton spandex, nylon/spandex, stretch fleece for the long johns).

2. 29258393_2486885764869371_3529492308674215936_o

Rounded-V neck dolman top with unique cropped-tank-like facing that keeps the neckline against the body and hides the bra at all times.
No more layering, no more unwanted “reveals”, even when you bend over to pick up something on the ground or hail a cab!

Fabric: Light/medium weight knit (jersey, ITY) with nice drape and heft.

3. 29258210_2486885781536036_4590306976897957888_o.jpg


Button-down shirt with collar, relaxed fit through waist and hips, bust dart (adult sizes only), rounded hem, back yoke, forward shoulder seam and box pleat at the back. A: sleeveless, bound armhole with chest pockets. B: Partially bound armhole with ruffle sleeve and removable tie.

FABRIC: Light/medium-weight fabrics like linen, linen blends, chambray, broadcloth, rayon challis, crepe de chine, poplin, tencel lyocell.

4. 29257626_2486885688202712_2077456216283414528_o.jpg

Mock wrap neck scrub top with princess seaming that makes it very easy to achieve a perfect fit. Short sleeves, yokes, elastic in the small of the back and side vents for a shaped, but comfortable top. Two double patches pockets big enough for your hands and everything you need to carry.

FABRIC: Lightweight woven fabric like broadcloth, poly/cotton, chambray.

5. 29196698_2486885788202702_5444694105147834368_o.jpg

Slim-fitting, high-waist pull-on pencil skirt that sits at the navel with two length options: mini or knee length.
A: Skirt with elasticized waist B: Skirt with elasticized waist and flattering angled seaming, perfect for color blocking. C: Skirt with wide waistband. A super quick sewing project, perfect for beginners, an easy way to create a chic and sophisticated look in no time!
FABRIC: Medium to heavy-weight knit with good recovery:
jersey or interlock knit, ponte, quilted knit, scuba

6. 29243598_2486885924869355_1138339480751570944_o (1)

Full-zip hoodie with set-in sleeve, lined hood and ribbed cuffs and hem. The angled zippered front pockets, with the zipper tape visible inside the pocket, and the horizontal seam allow for fun color blocking and is a great fleece stash buster!

FABRIC: Main fabric:
Sweatshirt fleece, stable knit
Hood lining: light-weight jersey
Cuffs + hem bands: Ribbing

7. 29249192_2486885931536021_4965406674383798272_o.jpg

A: Swing camisole with rounded v-neck and racer back. B: Racerback, pull on lined bralette with wide under-bust band. Lined with self-fabric or power net, depending on your desired level of support. The cami and bralette are both finished with fold over elastic.
C/D: Panties with crossover illusion, fold over elastic finish and choice of high (C) or low waist (D).
FABRIC: A: Knit with stretch in the length and width, with a nice fluid drape
B/C/D: Knit with stretch in the length and width, with good recovery

8. 29214310_2486885841536030_4394541852150202368_o.jpg

We revisited a classic and updated it with ingenious seaming (no center front seam!) and a gusset.
View A has a wide contoured waistband. View B is finished with an elastic at the waist. Three length options: mid-thigh shorts, capri, ankle.
FABRIC: Stretch knit with stretch in the width AND length and a nice recovery (cotton spandex, nylon/spandex).

9. 29216395_2486885851536029_7775735648832454656_o.jpg


Relaxed-fit blouse with adjustable tie at the waist, with round neck. Trendy flutter sleeve, side panel and straight hem that flatters many silhouettes. View A hits just above the hips and view B is a tunic length with optional pocket at the side panel.

FABRIC: Light-weight fabrics with a soft hand and nice drape: linen, linen blends, chambray, rayon challis, crepe de chine, tencel lyocell.

 10. 29261776_2486885694869378_1072521520711991296_o.jpg

Kimono inspired by the traditional garment, with sash, generous patch pockets and three-quarter sleeves. Knee-length and loose-fitting design that can be used as loungewear or over garments, as a jacket or cardigan in a heavier fabric.FABRIC: Woven fabric with soft hand like crepe, rayon challis, silk, satin, chambray, velvet.



Relaxed fit t-shirt with curved hem, banded scoop neckline, optional chest pocket and choice of sleeve.
A: Regular sleeve (short or longue, with or without flutter add-on) B: Short self-tie short sleeve.
FABRIC: Light/medium-weight knit with nice drape (e.g. rayon or bamboo blends, ITY). For the flounce option, choose a lighter weight fabric that looks good on the wrong side too!

 12. 29216585_2486885941536020_929345298386386944_o.jpg
Leotard (A) with long sleeve, V-waist and optional inset for a V-neck illusion that totally transforms this staple design.
Add the circle skirt for a skating dress (B) that is quick and easy to sew. It is the perfect project if you are tackling skatewear sewing for the first time!
FABRIC: Knit with spandex with stretch across the width AND in the length (nylon+spandex, polyester+spandex, stretch velvet)

 13. 29249796_2486885861536028_785538059465654272_o.jpg

Half-zip mock neck leotard with lined bodice front. A: sleeveless, with racer back B: cap sleeve with open back

FABRIC: Knit (nylon or polyester/spandex or cotton/spandex) with stretch in the length AND width.
Swimwear lining.

 14. 29244527_2486886014869346_3975924227466330112_o.jpg

Scoop front one-piece swimsuit with keyhole back that holds the straps in place and a fun inset that makes adjustments a breeze! Instructions to sew in supportive soft cups are included. The front is fully lined and lining in the back is optional (recommended for adults, not needed for kids). The optional mesh sash can be tied in the front or back for a feminine look.

FABRIC: Swimwear fabric (nylon or polyester/spandex) with stretch in the length AND width. Soft, stretch mesh for the waist tie.

Wheew! Those are magnificent sewing patterns!

I am one of the lucky ambassadors who sewed up these lovelies before they were being released by Jalie Patterns. Let me show you what I made few weeks ago. I sewed up Vanessa fluid (an old pattern) to match my Bobbie top, Clara leggings and Mimosa and those cute underwear.


Fabric: From The Fab Clique.



Fabric: From Fabric Mart

mimosa clara 1.jpg


Fabric: From local fabric Store and The Fab Clique




I’m telling you, guys, these patterns are great. You should grab them and enjoy those professionally drafted patterns. You need these in your lives.

Thank you for your time reading this blog..

Happy sewing!!!



BSD · Simply By Ti · Sinclair Pattern

White Aqua Dot Ponte by Simply By Ti

Are you ready for Easter Sunday? This is the time of the year when you see those cute colors everywhere– pink , yellow, purple, green and blue. Who could forget the bunnies, eggs, candies and polka dot prints? Not me! As a matter of fact I will tell you about this cute fabric from Simply By Ti. It has nice stretch from selvage to selvage but no stretch along the grainline.  You will fall inlove with the gorgeous color of the polka dots! Believe it or not, this White Aqua Dot Ponte is also $4.85 just like the coral sweater knit which I told you on my other post.

So let’s begin.  Here are the details about this fabric.

White Aqua Dot Ponte 

Bleeding test: I soaked it in room temperature water for an hour. Just like the coral sweater knit, there’s no bleeding occured.


Washing settings: Speed wash 29minutes, wash and rinse in cold water, low spin and light soil. Dried 45minutes in normal setting and freshen up.


Selvage to selvage measurement before washing:  60″
Selvage to selvage measurement after washing:     61″
Grainline measurement before washing :                 38.5″
Grainline measurement after washing:                     38.5″
–Selvage to selvage expanded to an inch
–Grainline has 0 expansion/shrinkage
Price per yard: $4.85


Can you believe that? The price is really affordable isn’t it? Oh! How I love those cheap fabrics at Simply By Ti! This polka dot fabric is perfect for Easter Sunday!

I made a cute outfit using Violet dress pattern by BSD and Elle Panel Pencil skirt pattern by Sinclair Patterns.  Both were hacked by yours truly. I do love hacking!

Here is my Easter Sunday outfit.



What do you think? Can you tell that I am wearing under $5 outfit? It may be a cheap fabric but the quality is still great. What matters most is how you carry it. Walk with confidence and your outfit will look like the most expensive one.

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading!







Simply By Ti · Wardrobe By Me Patterns

Coral Sweater Knit by Simply By Ti

Hello there, beautiful sewing people! I still don’t feel going outside since the weather is still cold.  This tropical momma wants to stay inside the house, keep herself warm and sew all day long. What else will I do? Blog! Yep, blog about this lovely coral sweater knit that I have from Simply By Ti.

Here is a close up photo with the bright sunlight coming in  my window. Look at those tiny blings, aren’t they tantalizing? This fabric is going to capture everybody’s attention for sure. Let’s go ahead talk more about this fabric.


Coral Sweater Knit 
Bleeding test: I soaked it in room temperature water for an hour. As you can see, I used white bowl to show you that  there’s no fabric bleeding occured.
Washing settings: Speed wash 29minutes, wash and rinse in cold water, low spin and light soil. Dried 45minutes in normal setting and freshen up.
Selvage to selvage measurement before washing: 64″
Selvage to selvage measurement after washing:     65″
Grainline measurement before washing :                41″
Grainline measurement after washing:                     39.5″
–Selvage to selvage expanded to an inch 
–Grainline shrunk around 1.5″ 
Price per yard: $4.85
Yes, it is only $4.85! I was so surprised when I saw how much it costs. Honestly,  I got a little intrigued about this fabric. I was talking to myself, “Why is this fabric so cheap? Maybe it isn’t that great?” But guess what? this fabraic is really great and yet the price is budget-friendly. Take a look at these pictures. I made a hacked Janis from WBM. I added arm band and waist band, skipped the ruffled skirt and added hoodie. Can you tell that my top is under $5 ?
Look how lovely this sweater knit drapes. This is perfect for cardigans, scarf, lined dress and beach cover-ups..
Next time you need some sweater knits, don’t forget that  Simply By Ti has lovely ones. If you used some fabric from this company, make sure to share it at Simply By Ti Fabrics facebook group.
I hope this post helped you ….. Happy sewing, lovely people!