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Amy Flats

I really love Amy Winehouse! She is my music angel and also my inspiration when it comes to fashion. She carried her wardrobe and wore those ballet flats with confidence. Thosse gorgeous flats with skinny sole look so comfy, I need those  in my life! Look at her flats.

I’ve got no idea where I can buy them here in the USA. Hmnn.. So, I told and promised myself that I will have them by hook or by crook! Call them flats, slippers or shoes; I call my project, Amy flats. Let me share you how I made these Amy-Winehouse-Inspired-Flats.FB_IMG_1506834559146

For this tutorial, I am making size 7-7.5 (US shoe size) Amy flats. I chose ponte knit with contrasting colors of fabric, thread and even red pen for you to see what is happening on pictures below.  There are only two pattern pieces namely, sole and upper part.

The key to get the perfect fit is the kind of fabric you will use.  I used an old t-shirt for my very first flats for testing. For this tutorial, I use fabric for both sole and upper part of my Amy Flats.FB_IMG_1506834452924

You may also use non-slip fabric (Thanks to a friend who gave me some of her non-slip fabric. Bless her heart)  for the sole BUT make sure to use very stretchy fabric for the upper part of the flats. And the seam allowance will become 0.5cm instead of 1cm.IMG_20171006_172740625

If you’re size is around 8 or 8.5 (US shoe size), you will want to use 2way stretch fabric. If your feet are smaller than size 7.5 (US Shoe size), you will want to use less stretchy fabric for this project.

These are my Amy Flats using non-slip fabric and liverpool fabric.



Please join itsewcolorful fb group to get the pattern of Amy Flats. It will be easier for us to help each other if we are in one group.

Anyway,  enough of the blah blah and let’s get started!

1. Cut the fabric and transfer the markings of the pattern pieces on fabric. You should have 8 pattern pieces, namely:

-2 main upper pattern pieces

-2 lining upper pattern pieces

-2 insole pattern pieces

-2 outer sole pattern pieces


2. Fold the upper pattern piece and sew the open ends together.  Do the same step for the other upper pattern pieces.



3. Right sides together, sew the main and lining pattern pieces.


4. Clip the curve raw edge above the toebox and cut the excess fabric at the back seam.



5. Turn the right sides out, pin and topstitch the opening of the upper part together.



6.  Right sides together, pin and sew the outer sole and outer upper part  ( Pin  and sew the lining upper part with them, too) of the flats. Here is the top and bottom view.



7. Fold and pin the upper part ( Those are lining upper part sides on picture below.) of slippers away from the raw edge of the sole to prevent wonky seams when you sew the slippers with the inner sole.


8. Go ahead pin the insole right side down on  lining upper part of the slipper partially, like this.

This is the tricky part of sewing these slippers. You need to pull/push the upper back part of the slippers away from the edge of the sole while sewing them together.

9. Sew from the inseam of toebox very slowly going to the center back seam of the upper part. Once you reached the center back seam of the upper part, lock stitch it and remove the slipper from the machine.Amy14.jpg

10. Try to push the upper part of the slippers inside  as much as you can and secure it with pins just like what you see in the picture below.


11. Start sewing from the center back seam of the slipper towards the toebox but leave an opening like so.



12.  Trim the excess fabric except the opening areas.


13. From the opening, turn the slippers right sides out.



14. Handstitch the opening at insole.


14. You now have a pair of reversible Amy flats!

If you want to put ribbons on your flats, you may use ribbonette or store bought Strings.. I made self fabric string for this project.

You may use whichever fabric you love for the cute bows . I cut out 1″x11″ strips, folded, sewed, trim and turned the right sides out using a safety pin. ( You may hand stitch the ends of the strings or simply create a cute knot so they wont fray.)




Hand stitch the strings on slippers like so.


That’s it!

Here are my Amy flats!



Thank you for stopping by and taking your time to read this post.. I will be happy to see your Amy Flats. Happy sewing, everyone!


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Waterloo Bouquet on Stretch Denim

Waterloo Bouquet on Stretch Denim is another fabric worth buying for. It is a lightweight fabric which is perfect for creating the latest trending looks in jeans, jackets, skirts, and children’s apparel.  It is two way stretch with 25% stretch from selvage to selvage. This denim has 96%cotton 4%spandex .

I always wash my fabric before working on them. But keep in mind that washing your fabric with raw edge may result to massive fraying. There are some people who secure the raw edges of the fabric before washing to avoid fraying. It’s either securing the raw edge using a fabric glue or zigzag stitch them. I didn’t sew or glue the raw edges of my fabric but it didn’t fray that much.  Here are the settings of my washing machine and dryer.


Setting: speed wash
Wash rinse: cold
Spin speed: medium
Soil level: light
Drying: Delicate cycle then traditional air drying

This is how much it frayed. Not that bad.

Before: 36 1/8″ × 56.5″
After: 33 7/8″ x 55 7/8″

TEST RESULT: There’s noticeable bleeding in water but the print is not affected at all.
The shrinkage in the grainline is 2 1/4″ and shrinkage from selvage to selvage is 5/8″


I used  Haute skinny pants sewing pattern and added a little detail on pocket  for this fabric. Look how lovely my pants are!




haute pants1.JPG



Remember, don’t wait too long to grab some of this printed denim.. You won’t like to miss this colorful fabric.


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Powell Floral on Double Brushed Poly

Powell Floral DBP is an ultra soft floral knit fabric is brushed on both sides and feels very soft against the skin. It has 4-way stretch for comfort and ease. Perfect for gathered knit dresses, skirts, stylish tops, t-shirts, and even lightweight active wear such as leggings and yoga pants.  It has 96 % polyester 4 % spandex fiber content with the weight of 180 gsm.

DBP fabric from The Fab Clique Shoppe always make me smile.  I never encountered such fabric from the shop that I don’t like. I swear, they are comfy on skin and you wouldn’t want to take them off your hands once you touch and feel how soft they are.

This fabric will make a perfect combo with Solid Dark Raisin DBP / Solid Mauve DBP / Solid Olive DBP / Black and White Thin Stripes DBP .

For this fabric, I used Ella cami from DS. This pattern was designed for woven fabric, so I went ahead downsized my pattern. It is always fun to play with patterns; My Ella cami has tiny pocket and I did a little color blocking to add a little drama on my top.

I also used WBM pattern, Urban Joggers.  One of my favorite patterns !  Yes, I am a joggers person and this pattern made my eyes pop! I told myself that I need this pattern in my life, so here I am enjoying and I don’t get tired of sewing short, capri or long version of these pants..

Take a look at my project using the wonderful products from Designer Stitch, Wardrobe By Me and The Fab Clique Shoppe.

red shoes.jpg


red shoes3.jpg

red shoes2.jpg

nude shoes.jpg



Whichever your style is, don’t forget to share and as always, enjoy sewing!

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Relaxed Wide Leg Short Pants Using Solid Blue Stretch Denim

I really love Alyse Wide Leg Pant pattern made by Designer Stitch. I made several versions and here is the latest version I came up with.
For this relaxed version, I used blue stretch denim from The Fabclique Fabric Shoppe.  It is perfect for creating the latest trending looks in jeans, jackets, skirts, and children’s apparel.  It has 2 way stretch/25% stretch from selvage to selvage. Lightweight denim that contains 96%cotton and 4%spandex.

It has very good stretch; I would go ahead and  down one size my body measurement if I want them fitted. But this will be my relaxed ones and no need to down side the pattern.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the tweaks I made for this project.

1. Add 2 inches on front/back leg and pocket pattern pieces . (You can also see how short my leg pattern pieces are.)



2. Follow the instruction given by DS. ( steps 1-8)
3. Tweak parts: (I used multipurpose zippers for this version. Use invisible zippers         if  you want to.) Install the zippers.

4. Attach the waist band ( no facing/interfacing).

5. Fold about 1.5cm like so.

6. Fold  again and top stitch it. ( I hand stitched the inner side of my waist band.)

7. Serge each leg. ( I used black thread for you to see it clearly.)

8. Fold each leg , pin and baste to make sure they stay folded while working on the       side tabs .

10. Cut 2 strips (1.5cm x 8.25inches) and make side tabs like so. The picture are pretty much self explanatory.








12.  IMG_5589.JPG

13. I used hook skirt hook and eye closure for my waist band.IMG_5591.JPG

14.  (I didn’t want those visible stitches on leg folds.) I went ahead  and hand                      stitched those  pinned areas.IMG_5590.JPG

That’s how I made them.

Here is my finished project.



There might be some odd methods or strange things I did but that’s totally fine to me. Anyway, I’m not a professional seamstress/dressmaker, I’m licensed to commit mistakes.

I hope this post helps. Thanks for visiting and reading my blog.

Enjoy sewing!




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Hera Top by WBM

Hera Top is a pdf sewing pattern by Wardrobe by Me .   It is a sweet feminine (originally) peplum summer top designed with flutter sleeves and an easy elasticated waistline. The neckline is finished with facing and the lower part of the armscye is finished with binding.

Good news!  Hera is releasing as a free pattern.  To get this pattern 100% free, you have to sign up for the newsletter.

Sewing Pattern Name: Hera Top

Style Illustration: FB_IMG_1495642372398

Sizing Chart:18595581_1504846299557180_1957876169999790146_o.jpg

Materials Required:

  • Fabric (Recommended:  light weight woven fabric ,  light weight woven fabric in a fiber such as cotton, viscose, silk, polyester or a blend.
    The best result is achieved with a nice soft drapey fabric.
    Jersey can be used, but be sure to size down for a nice fit.
  • Narrow elastic 3/8” | 5 mm
  •  Sewing thread
  •  light weight interfacing

My Finished Project:

Match it with Jeggings, skinny pants or leggings.



or match it with pencil skirt


I also hacked this  pattern.  I skipped the ruffle/skirt and added strings  like this.IMG_5062.JPG

Here are the ways how I wear it.

boho guitar.jpg

boho guitarrrr.jpg

boho hera.jpg

hera peg.jpg

You can wear it as a bolero, too.


And if you hate to show those strings, no problem.. Here is the solution , tie them at the back.

bolero back.jpg


There you go, lovely sewing people. Feel free to share or ask questions about your Hera project in WBM group.  That’s where you can grab the add on sleeve for this hack..

Happy sewing!




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Oceanside Dress

It’s always a nice experience to sew up an ITS pattern.  This new pattern called Oceanside Dress is a fun and exciting to make.  The first time I saw this dress, my eyes popped out my eye sockets and my heart palpitated so fast. My brain told me, “Go! Hurry! Apply as a tester for this pattern!”  I am so glad I made it!

So here is the the fun part;  You can play with the color blockings; You are free to go crazy or do the  funky  color combos. Take a look at the details of this pattern.

Line Illustrations:

Itch to Stitch Oceanside Dress Line Drawings

The Oceanside Dress features:

  • Comfortable scoop neckline with band
  • Raglan sleeves with band for a sporty look
  • Contrast sleeves and front inset for added interest
  • Relaxed bodice gathered into the waistband
  • Feminine half circle skirt gathered into the waistband
  • Fitted waistband for a slimming effect
  • Above-knee skirt that can be lengthened easily (instructions included)

Chart Measurements:

Itch to Stitch Oceanside Dress Body and Finished Garment Measurements


Itch to Stitch Oceanside Dress Fabric Requirements

Materials required:

fabric 58″ (147 cm) or wider.

Primary fabric— Use medium-light weight, 2-way or 4-way knit fabric with 50% to 75% stretch, ideally with spandex content for good recovery. Jersey, interlock, French terry, ITY knit are good choices.

Contrast Fabric— Use medium-light weight, 2-way or 4-way knit fabric with 50% to 75% stretch, ideally with spandex content for good recovery. Jersey, interlock, French terry, ITY knit are good choices.


  • Ball-point or stretch machine needles

Optional Tools

  • Walking foot for your sewing machine
  • Serger machine

Finished project(No hack) :



It looks very pretty when the skirt is filled with air like these pictures.



I love to hack/remix/reinterpret patterns.  For this hack, I used fabric Yorkshire Roses and Wood Illusion print fabric from The Fab Clique Fabric Shoppe.

This ultra soft knit fabric is brushed on both sides and feels very soft against the skin. It has 4-way stretch for comfort and ease. Perfect for gathered knit dresses, skirts, stylish tops, t-shirts, and even lightweight active wear such as leggings and yoga pants. It has 96% polyester 4 % spandex fiber content and with 180 gsm weight.

Going back to my hack attack, here are the steps .

  1.  Lengthen the front and back bodice about 2-3″ longer.
  2.  Sew the pattern pieces for the bodice just like how the pattern instructions tells you. Here is mine with serged neckline.IMG_5361I am not so sure if you can clearly see it. Le me give you  a closer look.img_5362.jpg
  3.  Cut the corner of the triangle around 1.5cm like this,IMG_5363.JPG
  4.   Fold it twice. (make sure to tuck those excess serger threads in.)IMG_5364.JPGIMG_5365.JPG
  5. Hand stitch the very corner to avoid fraying.IMG_5368.JPG
  6. Fold the serged neckline once and sew it on a regular machine.IMG_5370.JPG
  7.  Make a short strip/drawstring using the contrast fabric or the primary fabric.  It is up to your preference.IMG_5371.JPG
  8. Position  the string at the ends of serged neckline to determine its length.  Careful not to stretch that triangle or you will end up with excess length of string on neckline.  My trick was pinning both sides on back bodice to avoid stretching.IMG_5372.JPG
  9.  Go ahead cut the excess string and hand sew it .
  10. I also attached waist band ( You can make wider waistband. ). The waistband on this picture is already sewed and folded, ready for installation. IMG_5373.JPG
  11.  And here is the finished product.IMG_5374.JPG



Finished Project (with hack) :

Here are the pictures of my hacked Ocean dress paired with  a pair of short pants.. You may use the Tierras or Anza patterns for the shorts.under the tree.jpg


closer look of my neckline

close up.jpg

There you go, ladies! Thanks for taking time to visit and read this post.

Happy sewing!

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Haute Skinny Pants Using Cream Roses on Stretch Denim

I’m very excited to work on my floral denim fabric from The Fab Clique Shoppe.  This is my third fabric from the shop and all I can say about them is “wow”,  with my eyes popping!

     Cream Roses on Stretch Denim (13oz)  with 2 way stretch,  25% stretch from selvage to selvage, is perfect for creating the latest trending looks in jeans, jackets, skirts, and children’s apparel.  It has 96%cotton 4%spandex content.  Sold by the yard for only $7.50.


      So, I decided to make a pair of Haute Skinny Pants  from WBM with hacked pockets using this amazing fabric.  Some details you must know about  this pattern :

Model size 5’6″ 172 cm

The Haute skinny pants are a super fitted high waisted pant with a facing and an invisible zipper in the left side. The pants are super flattering and comfortable, and fits tightly from hip to knee.

Fabric choice:
Choose medium weight woven such as a cotton twill or denim. The fabric must include and ideal stretch of 3-6% lycra. Alternatively use a firm knit like a double knit. If choosing a knit, you may have to adjust the pattern for fit or choose a size smaller than your normal size.
These pants look amazing on all sizes. The high waistline has a slimming effect on almost any body Type.

When choosing your size, measure your waist and hip. Find the size in the body measurement chart that fits your measurements.The pattern is designed with negative ease. The garment measurements are 1″ // 2.5cm smaller than the body measurements.

All the instructions on WBM pattern are the same except the pocket.  Let go ahead and talk about the hacked pockets.   It is very easy to make a pocket with bow. Here are the pictures to achieve the look and I’m sure you can follow these steps just looking at the images below.  They are easily understood and  don’t need a lot of explanations.

The  right side and wrong side of the bows I’m making. ( That strip is to be cut into two for the center of the bows.)






Pin those pockets on back of pants or baste them ( I did both lol)


Start hand stitching the excess fabric of the bow with the pocket.  It should be easy to access underneath the bow of the pocket.




Here is my Haute Skinny Pants project.





I hope this post helped you..

Happy sewing!